Sertoli cell tumour

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Sertoli cell tumour
Diagnosis in short

Sertoli cell tumour. H&E stain.

LM groups of cells in cords or trabeculae, cells have light staining bubbly cytoplasm +/- large cytoplasmic vacuoles, slightly irregular nucleoli, granular irregular appearing chromatin
LM DDx granulosa cell tumour, epithelioid adenomatoid tumour, sertoli cell nodule, Sertoli-Leydig tumour
IHC alpha-inhibin, calretinin
Site testis, ovary

Syndromes Peutz-Jeghers syndrome, Carney complex

Signs testicular mass
Prevalence uncommon

Sertoli cell tumour is a sex cord-stromal tumour typically found in the testis. It is occasionally seen in women.


  • Arises from Sertoli cells (AKA nurse cells).
  • Occasionally seen in women.[1]

May be seen in several syndrome - esp. if there is calcification:



  • Groups of cells in cords or trabeculae (beam-like arrangement).
  • Cells have:
    • Light staining bubbly cytoplasm +/- large cytoplasmic vacuoles.
    • Slightly irregular nucleoli.
    • Granular irregular appearing chromatin.


  • Mitoses are rare.
  • No significant nuclear atypia.





  • Alpha-inhibin +ve (~95% of cases[4]).
  • Calretiin +ve (~55% of cases[4]).


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