Pleomorphic tumours

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Pleomorphic tumours have nuclear pleomorphism.

General differential diagnosis

Adapted from Miller with modifications:[1]

Tumour Group Notes
Melanoma melanoma
PEComas mesenchymal lesion
Anaplastic large cell lymphoma lymphoid
Primary effusion lymphoma lymphoid
Lymphocyte-depleted Hodgkin lymphoma lymphoid
Xanthogranuloma reactive process
Pheochromocytoma mesenchymal lesion
Choriocarcinoma carcinoma
Pleomorphic fibroma mesenchymal lesion
Radiation effect reactive process
Rhabdomyosarcoma sarcoma
Leiomyosarcoma sarcoma
Liposarcoma sarcoma
Pleomorphic undifferentiated sarcoma sarcoma
Atypical fibroxanthoma mesenchymal lesion
Malignant peripheral nerve sheath tumour sarcoma
Angiosarcoma sarcoma
Osteosarcoma sarcoma
Gastrointestinal stromal tumour sarcoma
Alveolar soft part sarcoma sarcoma
Malignant solitary fibrous tumour sarcoma
Inflammatory liposarcoma sarcoma
Pleomorphic neurothekeoma mesenchymal lesion
Anaplastic myeloma lymphoid
Sclerosing extramedullary hematopoetic tumour lymphoid rare
Smooth muscle tumour of uncertain malignant potential (STUMP) mesenchymal lesion rare, may be seen in the prostate gland[2]
Inflammatory myxohyaline tumour with Reed-Sternberg like cells sarcoma very rare
Pleomorphic hyalinizing angiectatic tumour sarcoma very rare

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