Paraurethral cyst

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Paraurethral cyst is a benign ditzel of gynecologic pathology.

Skene gland cyst‎, Skene duct cyst and periurethral cyst[1] direct to this article.


  • Rare.
  • Benign.


  • Presentation: mass lesion, dyspareunia or dysuria.
  • Multipareous.



  • Cystic space with epithelial lining - diagnosis based on epithelial lining.


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Submitted as "Skene Gland Cyst", Excision:
- Benign cyst lined by columnar, transitional and squamous epithelium 
  with chronic inflammation and siderophages.
- Benign overlying squamous mucosa with reactive changes.
- NEGATIVE for malignancy.

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