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This page collects articles todo.

If there is something missing from this wiki and you don't have time to add it yourself you can add it to the list below.

Project ideas

Articles todo

  • Mesonephric remnants of the prostate gland.[1]
  • Sign out - diagnosis, adequacy, limitations.
  • Eyeliner sign [2] - seen in Bowen's disease and Paget's disease... absent in Melanoma.
  • Secretory cell outgrowth in the uterine tube (SCOUT).[3]
  • Benign serrated colorectal fibroblastic polyps/intramucosal perineuriomas. PMID 20962618.

Cervical adenocarcinoma

Add a short section/table on unusual cervical adenocarcinomas -- the WHO cervical adenocarcinoma variants -- to differentiate these from the usual-types (e.g., HPV status = all negative, CEA stain, p16 etc.).

The following papers and all of them discuss different angles of this topic nicely.

PMID 21490443 PMID 20829441 PMID 11021808


  • Necrotic pulmonary nodules in Crohn's disease.
  • Secondary angiosarcoma has MYC re-arrangements. (???)
    • Several different grading systems.
  • CD200 use in small B-cell neoplasms.
    • Replace with FMC7/CD43/CD23?




  • Add a freshing part to the grossing pages.
  • Add more grossing pages.
  • Find more gross images.

Protocol notes:

  • Adding "discussed with ______".
  • Adding "pictures taken".

Policy development

The basics ones:

A few other ones:



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