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This page deals with the server. A general todo list is found in todo.

Short term Todo list

Thinking about it

Long term Todo list

  • Nephron images from WP.
    • Instant commons.
  • Other images from WP.
    • Instant commons.
  • Images from flickr?
  • Link to jump to last verified version.
    • Would require extension to be written.
  • More stats.
    • Number of references per article - average, median.
    • Number of references in the whole wiki.
  • References.
  • Build tool to split-out diagnoses into separate particles.
  • Build (external) link testing tool - checks for a phrase, ensures that the link isn't dead.
  • Institute a vampire model for recruitment.
  • Picture of the day.

Virtual slides

  • LP currently limited by space.
  • The bandwidth and space requirements for virtual slides is big. Each case is typically 2 GB.