Rheumatoid lung nodule

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Rheumatoid lung nodule
Diagnosis in short

LM mixed inflammatory infiltrate, +/-giant cells, no micro-organisms
LM DDx necrotic pulmonary nodules in Crohn's disease, infectious pneumonia, amyloidosis of lung
Stains ZN -ve, GMS -ve
Site lung - see medical lung diseases

Associated Dx rheumatoid arthritis
Clinical history +/-hx of rheumatoid arthritis
Prevalence uncommon
Radiology upper lung fields, peripheral, round, +/-cavitation
Clin. DDx only lung lesions - esp. malignancy

Rheumatoid lung nodule, also rheumatoid nodule of the lung and pulmonary rheumatoid nodule, is an uncommon benign lung lesion associated with rheumatoid arthritis.

Rheumatoid lung disease redirects here. Rheumatoid pleuritis is dealt with separately.


Common associations:[1]



  • Usually upper lung fields, peripheral and round.
  • +/-Cavitation (~50% of cases).



  • Mixed inflammatory infiltrate.
  • +/-Giant cells.
  • No micro-organisms.





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