L4E rules of 2018

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The article provides an overivew of the L4E rules of 2018. An introduction to L4E is found in the Level 4 equivalent article.

The definitive reference for the rules is found on the CAP-ACP website.[1]


Rule Specimen type(s) Details
1 All biopsies L4E rule 1-3
2 Core biopsies L4E rule 1-3
3 Curettage specimens/fragmented tissue L4E rule 1-3
4 Resections, benign and malignant L4E rule 4
5 Specimens with synoptics L4E rule 5
6 Extra levels/blocks L4E rule 6
7 Diagnostic stains/immunostains L4E rule 7-8
8 Special studies L4E rule 7-8
9 Radical resections L4E rule 9

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  1. Workload and Workforce Committee of the CAP-ACP. Workload Measurement Guidelines. Canadian Association of Pathologists (CAP-ACP). 2018. URL: https://www.cap-acp.org/cmsUploads/CAP/File/CAP-ACP%202014%20Workload%20FINAL.pdf. Accessed on: 17 October 2017.