L4E rules of 2014

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The article provides an overview of the L4E rules of 2014. These have seen some modifications in the 2018 edition of L4E.

The definitive reference for the 2014 rules was found on the CAP-ACP website.[1]


Rule Specimen type(s) Details
1 All biopsies L4E rule 1-3
2 Core biopsies L4E rule 1-3
3 Curettage specimens/fragmented tissue L4E rule 1-3
4 Resections, benign L4E rule 4
5 Specimens with synoptics L4E rule 5
6 Extra levels/blocks L4E rule 6
7 Diagnostic stains/immunostains L4E rule 7-8
8 Special studies L4E rule 7-8
9 Radical resections L4E rule 9

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  1. Workload and Workforce Committee of the CAP-ACP. Workload Measurement Guidelines. Canadian Association of Pathologists (CAP-ACP). 2014. URL: https://www.cap-acp.org/cmsUploads/CAP/File/CAP-ACP%202014%20Workload%20FINAL.pdf. Accessed on: 17 October 2017.