L4E rule 9 (2018)

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This article covers L4E rule 9 for the 2018 L4E workload system. An overview of the L4E rules is found in the L4E rules of 2018.

The definitive reference for this rule in found on the CAP-ACP website.[1]


  • This rule applies to resections post treatment/no residual tumour (pyT0).


Specimen (s) Weight (L4E) Details Example
Resections post-therapy with or without residual tumour 10 L4E for first 40 blocks, 0.25 L4E/blocks in excess of 40 40 blocks = 10 L4E, 41 blocks = 10.25 L4E, 42 blocks = 10.5 L4E; rule 5 applies if a synoptic is done lumpectomy post treatment in breast cancer in 44 blocks, ypT0 = 10 + 1 (extra block) + 3 (synoptic report) L4Es

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