Lymphocytic mastitis

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Lymphocytic mastitis
Diagnosis in short

LM lymphocytic infiltrates (breast lobules, perivascular), enlarged stromal fibroblasts, stromal collagen with keloid-like changes.
LM DDx lymphoma (small cell), diabetic mastopathy (need history)
IHC CD20 > CD3, CD43 -ve
Molecular negative for clonality
Site breast

Associated Dx +/-diabetes mellitus (known as diabetic mastopathy)
Signs +/-tenderness
Prevalence rare
Prognosis benign
Clin. DDx breast tumour - possibly malignant
Treatment +/-excision

Lymphocytic mastitis is a rare pathology of the breast. If the individual has diabetes mellitus (DM) it is called diabetic mastopathy.[1]


  • Typically in long-standing diabetes mellitus.[2][3]
  • Rare -- less the 1% of breast lesions, though may be seen in up 13% of individuals with long-standing (insulin-dependent) diabetes mellitus.[4]


  • +/-Tenderness.
  • May mimic malignancy clinically.
  • May be managed with follow-up if diabetic.[5]



  • Lymphocytic infiltrates - key feature:
    • Lobules.
    • Perivascular.
  • Enlarged stromal fibroblasts.
  • Stromal collagen with keloid-like changes.


  • Diabetic mastopathy - if individual has diabetes.
  • Primary lymphoma of the breast.




  • B cell predominant (CD20 > CD3).[1]
    • B cells CD43 -ve.


  • Negative clonality studies.

Sign out

  • Lymphocytic mastitis if no history of diabetes mellitus.
  • Diabetic mastopathy if there is a well-documented history of diabetes mellitus.

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