Diabetes mellitus

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The manifestations of diabetes mellitus from a clinical perspective. (WC/Mikael Häggström)

Diabetes mellitus, often just diabetes, is a common affliction that is increasing with the expanding waistlines. It is commonly abbreviated DM.


  • Major cardiovascular risk factor.
  • Many subtypes.
    • Most common: DM type 2 -- strongly associated with obesity.


Based on biochemistry, specifically:

  • Fasting blood glucose >=7.0 mmol/L.
  • Two-hour glucose tolerance test >=11.1 mmol/L.

Classic complications

Family medicine - mnemonic HELP:

  • H - HbA1c, hypertension.
  • E - eye.
  • L - lipids.
  • P - podiatry, proteinuria, Pneumococcus vaccine.

Emergency room presentations

  • Ketoacidosis - DM type 1.
  • Hyperosmotic non-ketotic (HONK) coma - DM type 2.

Subspecialty specific findings



Gastrointestinal pathology

Breast pathology

Genitourinary pathology

Placental pathology

Cardiovascular pathology


  • Idiopathic inflammatory myositis.[4]

Forensic pathology

  • Diabetic coma (preceding death) at autopsy - may be demonstrated with an elevated glucose in the vitreous fluid.[5]


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