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Tumour budding in colorectal carcinoma. H&E stain. (WC/Nephron)

Tumour budding refers to lone tumour cells or small clusters of tumour cells at the advancing front of a tumour.[1]



Definition in rectal carcinoma - based on international consensus:[4]

  • Tumour bud = 1-4 cell(s) -- at the tumour front.


  • Low grade: 0-4 tumour buds.
  • Intermediate grade: 5-9 tumour buds.
  • High grade: >=10 tumour buds.


  • Assessed in a field area of 0.785 mm2.[4]
    • Microscopes with a 22 mm eye pieces typically have a 0.2376 mm*mm field area with the 40x objective; thus, three fields is 0.7128 mm*mm.
    • Tumour budding was previously assessed in a field of 0.385 mm2.[1]
  • "Tumour buds suspended in pools of mucin should not be counted" as per the consensus.[4]



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There are <5 tumour buds/0.785 mm*mm; this tumour has low grade tumour budding.
There are 5-9 tumour buds/0.785 mm*mm; this tumour has intermediate grade tumour budding.
There are >=10 tumour buds/0.785 mm*mm; this tumour has high grade tumour budding.


The tumour is NEGATIVE for significant tumour budding (<5 buds/0.785 mm*mm).

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