Tumour-infiltrating lymphocytes

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Tumour-infiltrating lymphocytes. H&E stain.

Tumour-infiltrating lymphocytes, abbreviated TILs, is the presence of many lymphoctyes between tumour cells.

TILs in the context of colorectal carcinoma are dealt with in intratumoural lymphocytic response in colorectal carcinoma.


Common finding in a large number of tumours:

Tumour Association
Colorectal carcinoma TILs in CRC are associated with microsatellite instability[1]
Malignant melanoma TILs better survival[2]
Non-small cell lung cancer TILs associated with anti-PD-L1 response[3]
Ovarian serous carcinoma TILs associated with good prognosis[4]

Tumours with abundant lymphocytes as a component

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