Intratumoural lymphocytic response in colorectal carcinoma

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Intratumoural lymphocytic response in colorectal carcinoma, as may be seen in microsatellite instability. H&E stain. (WC)

This article deals with the intratumoural lymphocytic response in colorectal carcinoma. It is usually referred to as intratumoural lymphocytic response.

It is also known as tumour-infiltrating lymphocytes, abbreviated TILs.

A general discussion about TILs is in the tumour-infiltrating lymphocytes article.




  • >10 lymphocytes/0.94 mm2.[2]
    • Lymphocytes must be between the tumour cells.[2][3] ††
      • Lymphocytes elsewhere, e.g. in the peritumoural stroma, do not count.
      • Typically, the lymphocytes have a halo around them.


  • † Greenson et al. says >2 lymphocytes/HPF, where 5 HPF are sampled with the 40x objective. Since the sample area given by Greenson et al. is 0.94 mm2, the field diameter is ~ 0.4892 mm. This field diameter corresponds to a 20 mm eye piece (0.4892 mm * 40x = 19.57 mm).
    • Many microscopes in use today have a field diameter (at 40x) of ~ 0.55 mm; thus, 4 fields would be approximately 0.95 mm2.
  • †† Definitions vary substantially - some authors consider lymphocytes adjacent to the tumour (in the stroma around the tumour cells) "intratumoural".[4]



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