Sclerosing adenosis of the breast

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Sclerosing adenosis of the breast
Diagnosis in short

Sclerosing_adenosis. H&E stain.

LM increased numbers of small breast acini with collapsed or slit-like lumens, fibrosis (scleroses) surrounds the acini
LM DDx low-grade ductal carcinoma, tubular adenoma of the breast, adenomyoepithelioma, breast adenosis
Site breast

Prevalence common
Prognosis benign, increased risk of breast cancer

Sclerosing adenosis of the breast, also sclerosing adenosis, a benign pathology of the breast associated with an increased risk of malignancy.


  • Can look like ductal carcinoma.
  • Derived from sclerosing[1] (hardening) and adenosis (glandular proliferation).
    • Think scaring + many glands packed together.


  • Follow-up - no further treatment.[2]



  • Acini are smaller than usual and there are more of them.
    • Acini often slit-like.
  • Fibrosis (scleroses) - pink on H&E surrounds the acini.


  • The acini should:
    • Be in lobular arrangements, i.e. in groups (benign appearance at low power) - key feature.
    • Have two cell layers like well-behaved breast glands do.



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