Leg amputations

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Leg amputations are typically seen in the context of peripheral vascular disease.

General - overview

Comes in two basic flavours:

  • Above the knee ampuation (AKA).
  • Below the knee ampuation (BKA).



  • Type of specimen: above knee/below knee.
  • Dimensions.
  • Resection margin: appears viable.
  • Intactness: all appendages present.
  • Hair: present/absent.
  • Ulcer/injury/scars: present/absent, location, size.
  • Skin changes: none apparent, shiny, gangrenous.
  • Skin lesions: present/absent.
  • Nails: within normal limits/colour change.
  • Vessels: examined? vascular disease?
  • Muscle wasting: present/absent.

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See Ditzels#Atherosclerotic peripheral vascular disease.

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