Invasive cribriform carcinoma of the breast

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Invasive cribriform carcinoma of the breast
Diagnosis in short

Invasive cribriform carcinoma of the breast. H&E stain.

LM cribriform architecture, stromal desmoplasia, +/-tubular component
LM DDx tubular carcinoma, cribriform DCIS, mixed tumour (e.g. ICC with IDC), adenoid cystic carcinoma of the breast
IHC ER +ve, PR +ve, HER2 -ve
Site breast

Prevalence very rare
Prognosis good
Treatment surgical

Invasive cribriform carcinoma of the breast is a rare type of breast cancer with a favourable prognosis.[1]


  • Rare ~ 0.6% of breast cancer in one series.[2]
  • Low grade.
  • Good prognosis if pure or associated with a tubular invasive component.[3]




  • Cribriform component should be >90% of the tumour.[4]
  • Low or intermediate Nottingham grade.






  • ER +ve (9 +ve of 9 cases).
  • PR +ve (9 +ve of 9 cases).
  • HER2 -ve (0 +ve of 9 cases).

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