Peritumoural lymphocytic response

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Peritumoural lymphocytic response. H&E stain.

Peritumoural lymphocytic response is an uncommon finding in colorectal carcinoma that is associated with a better prognosis and microsatellite instability.[1]

It is also known as Crohn's like reaction,[2] Crohn's-like lymphoid reaction and Crohn-like response.[3]



There are two sets of criteria (Ueno and Graham). The Ueno criteria have a better inter-rater reproducibility than the older Graham criteria[4] and are less complicated.

Ueno criteria (2013)

Required criteria:[5]

  • Non-MALT lymphoid aggregates (peritumoural) >= 1 mm.


  1. Muscosa-associated lymphoid tissue (MALT) = mucosal lymphoid aggregates, submucosal lymphoid aggregates adjacent to the musuclaris mucosae.
  2. Lymph nodes - these have a (fibrous) capsule.
  3. Irregular shape (not round).

Graham criteria (1990)

Required criteria:[4]

  • Peritumoral:
    1. Lymphoid aggregates with germinal centres focally.
    2. Stellate fibrosis.
    3. No previous clinical and pathologic evidence of Crohn's disease.



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