Common variable immunodeficiency

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Common variable immunodeficiency, abbreviated CVID, is a group of genetic disorders characterized by deficient antibody production.


Labs in a series of 8 patients:[3]

  • IgG 2.5 +/-0.6 g/L.
  • IgA 0.23 +/-0.1 g/L.
  • IgM 0.17 +/-0.1 g/L.



  • Nodular mucosa - due to lymphoid hyperplasia.


Features - general:

  • Plasma cells absent (or reduced) - key feature.[2]
  • +/-Lymphoid aggregates.
  • +/-Granulomatous disease ~8-22%.[4]


Features by site in the GI tract:[5]

Site Features
Esophagus intraepithelial PMNs & candida +/-abundant intraepithelial lymphocytes
Stomach lack of plasma cells (~2/3 of individuals), lymphoid aggregates (common), +/-lymphocytic gastritis, +/-intraepithelial neutrophils, +/-infections (CMV, H. pylori, cryptosporidium)
Small bowel villous blunting (>80% of individuals), decreased plasma cells (~2/3 of individuals), lymphoid aggregates (~1/2 of individuals), +/-neutrophils + infections (CMV, cryptosporidium)
Large bowel decreased plasma cells, lymphoid aggregates, +/-apparent apoptosis

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