Biphenotypic sinonasal sarcoma

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Biphenotypic sinonasal sarcoma
Diagnosis in short

Micrograph showing a biphenotypic sinonasal sarcoma. H&E stain. (WC/LESTERTHEINVESTOR)

Synonyms low-grade sinonasal sarcoma with neural and myogenic features

LM bland hypercellular stroma typically without many mitoses, invaginating glandular epithelium
LM DDx solitary fibrous tumour, schwannoma, sinonasal-type hemangiopericytoma, benign nasal polyp
IHC S-100 +ve, actin +ve, beta-catenin +ve (nuclear)
Molecular PAX3-MAML3 fusion - t(2;4)(q35;q31.1)
Site head and neck - ethmoid sinus and/or nasal cavity

Clinical history female predominant (3:1)
Prevalence very rare ~ large series 28 individuals as of 2012

Biphenotypic sinonasal sarcoma, abbreviated SNS,[1] is a rare bland appearing malignant tumour of the head and neck.

It is also known as low-grade sinonasal sarcoma with neural and myogenic features.[2]


  • Rare - largest series published (as of 2012) 28 patients.[3]
  • Female predominant - (female:male = 3:1[3]).



  • Usually ethmoid sinus and/or nasal cavity.[3]



  • Bland hypercellular stroma typically without many mitoses.
  • Invaginating glandular epithelium.


  • May have rhabdomyoblastic differentiation - case report.[4]





  • S-100 +ve - strong (28 +ve of 28 cases[3]).
  • Actin +ve (27 +ve of 28 cases[3]).
  • Beta-catenin - nuclear +ve.[5][2]


  • Desmin -ve.
  • AE1/AE3 -ve.
  • Vimentin +ve.



  • PAX3-MAML3 fusion - t(2;4)(q35;q31.1).[1]

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