Solitary rectal ulcer

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Solitary rectal ulcer is a benign disease of the colorectum.

It is also known as solitary ulcer syndrome of the rectum (abbreviated SUS) and solitary rectal ulcer syndrome.

Mucosal prolapse syndrome may be used as a synonym; however, it encompasses other entities.[1]


  • Clinically may be suspected to a malignancy - biopsied routinely.
  • Mucosal ulceration.
  • "Three-lies disease":[2]
  1. May not be solitary.
  2. May not be rectal -- can be in left colon.
  3. May not be ulcerating -- non-ulcerated lesions: polypoid and/or erythematous.

Note: Each of the words in solitary rectal ulcer is a lie.


  • Typically younger patients - average age of presentation ~30 years in one study.[3]
  • Rare.

Clinical presentation

  • Usually presents as BRBPR ~ 85% of cases.[3]
  • Abdominal pain present in approx. 1/3.[3]
    • May be very painful.


  • Usually conservative, i.e. non-surgical.
  • Resection - may be done for fear of malignancy.


  • Classically, anterior or anterolateral wall of the rectum.[2]



  • Fibrosis of the lamina propria.
  • Thickened muscularis mucosa with abnormal extension to the lumen.
  • +/-Mucosa ulceration.
  • +/-Submucosal fibrosis.



  • p53 -ve.
    • May be used to help exclude adenocarcinoma.

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Verbose form

Rectum, Biopsy:
     - Colonic mucosa with mild active inflammation, ulceration, 
       fibromuscular hyperplasia and necro-inflammatory debris.
     - NEGATIVE for dysplasia and NEGATIVE for evidence of malignancy.

The findings are compatible with solitary rectal ulcer/mucosal prolapse in 
the proper endoscopic context.

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