Uterine isthmocele

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Uterine isthmocele, also cesarean scar pouch, niche, cesarean scar defect, is a pseudocyst that arises from cesarean section at uterine incision site.


  • Clinical diagnosis.
  • Common (minor) complication of cesarean section; possibly, may be reduced by surgical technique.[1]
  • High prevalence - one estimate is 63% cesarean section patients have an isthmocele.[2]
  • It may be associated with secondary infertility;[3] thus, it may be surgically removed.



  • Smooth muscle with fibrosis/scar.
  • +/-Chronic inflammation.


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Submitted as "Isthmocele", Excision:
     - Benign smooth (uterine) muscle with scant endometrial tissue 
       and scar, compatible with isthmocele/cesarean scar.

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