Testicular cancer staging

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This article deals with testicular cancer staging. A general discussion about staging is found in cancer staging.


TNM system - AJCC 7th Edition

Based on AJCC 7th Edition:[1][2]


  • Invasion into the epididymis and/or tunica albuginea does not change the stage.[2]
  • Rete testis involvement and testicular hilum involvement may be seen or suspected at the time of cut-up. Both of these are poor prognosticators;[3] however, they to do not affect the (AJCC 7th Edition) stage.
    • Involvement of the testicular hilum is not specifically addressed in the AJCC 7th Edition. Based on the current evidence, it is probably best classified as pT1 (if there is no LVI and the tumour is otherwise confined to the testis/epididymis).


Does not affect stage

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