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Metaplastic carcinoma


The specimen is breast core biopsy.

The sections shows a spindle cell lesion with a storiform pattern and interspersed small irregular clusters of epithelioid cells. The spindle cells and epithelioid cells have moderate nuclear pleomorphism. There is rare mitotic activity (2 mitoses / 10 HPF, where 1 HPF = 0.2376 mm^2). No necrosis is identified. Numerous plasma cells are interspersed within the lesion.

The accompanying immunostains shows that the epithelioid cell clusters are positive for CK7, panker, p63 and vimentin. The spindle cell component is positive for vimentin. The lesion does not stain with S100, desmin and EMA.


Breast, left, core biopsy:
Invasive metaplastic carcinoma of the breast.

HER2 testing Back to 10%? Looks like it is >30%.