Solitary fibrous tumour of the pleura

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Solitary fibrous tumour of the pleura
Diagnosis in short

Pleural solitary fibrous tumour. H&E stain.

LM spindle cells usually with a bland cytology, patternless pattern, +/-ropy collagen
LM DDx CD34 +ve, CD99 +ve, BCL2 +ve, S-100 -ve
Site pleura of lung

Syndromes Doege-Potter syndrome

Signs +/-impaired respiratory function (due to mass effect)
Prevalence common for site, uncommon overall
Prognosis usu. benign
Treatment surgery

Solitary fibrous tumour of the pleura, also pleural solitary fibrous tumour, is a relatively common chest wall tumour.

The solitary fibrous tumour in general is dealt with in the solitary fibrous tumour article.


  • Uncommon overall[1] ~ 800 cases reported.[2]
    • Common for the anatomical site.
  • Usually benign ~ 80% of the time.[2]
  • Slow growing.[1]
  • Elderly.
  • May be large - impair respiratory function.[3]
  • May be associated with hypoglycemia.
    • Known as Doege-Potter syndrome.[4]


  • Chest wall mass.
    • May be "large".[2]



  • Spindle cells - usually bland cytology.
  • Patternless pattern.
  • +/-Ropy collagen.
  • Staghorn vessels.

Suggestive of malignant:[3]

  • Mitotic rate >4/10 HPF.






  • CD34 +ve (19/23 cases[6]).
  • Ki-67 low (<5%).[3]
  • Vimentin +ve (23/23 cases[6]).
  • BCL2 +ve (23/23 cases[6]).
  • CD99 +ve (23/23 cases[6]).
  • SMA -ve/+ve (7 +ve/23 cases[6]).


  • WT1 -ve (+ve in 1 of 10 cases[7]).
  • Desmin -ve.[5]
  • CD117 -ve.[5]

Suggested stains:[citation needed]

  • CD34, CD99, BCL2, S-100, Ki-67.

Sign out



The sections show cellular fibrous tissue with a patternless pattern. Rare staghorn vessels are present. No mitotic activity is readily apparent. No significant nuclear atypia is identified. No necrosis is apparent.

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