Smoking-related interstitial fibrosis

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Smoking-related interstitial fibrosis
Diagnosis in short

LM septal thickening of alveoli with thick collagen bundles (described as "ropy") and hyperplastic smooth muscle fibres; minimal inflammation
LM DDx usual interstitial pneumonia
Gross subpleural and centrilobular predominance
Site lung

Associated Dx emphysema, respiratory bronchiolitis
Clinical history smoking
Prognosis benign, better than UIP

Smoking-related interstitial fibrosis, abbreviated SRIF, is a benign pauci-inflammatory scarring associated with smoking.


  • Associated with emphysema and respiratory bronchiolitis.[1]



  • Subpleural and centrilobular predominance.[1]



  • Septal thickening of alveoli with:
    • Thick collagen bundles - may be described as "ropy".[3]
    • Hyperplastic smooth muscle fibres.
  • Minimal inflammation.



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