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Diagnosis in short

Pneumocytoma. H&E stain. (WC/Nephron)

Synonyms sclerosing hemangioma, benign pneumocytoma

LM mixed cell population, variable architecture (papillary, sclerotic, solid, hemorrhagic), +/-granulomas
LM DDx carcinoid tumour, papillary pattern lung adenocarcinoma, metastatic papillary thyroid carcinoma
IHC TTF-1 +ve, Ki-67 +ve membranous pattern, PR +ve, CD56 -ve, CD34 -ve
Site lung - see lung tumours

Clinical history typical patient - female 40s
Prevalence rare <= 1% of lung tumours
Radiology slow growth/no growth, typically peripheral location
Prognosis benign, case reports of mets
Clin. DDx other lung tumours
Treatment usually excision, may be followed

Pneumocytoma is a rare lung tumour that is typically benign. It is also known as sclerosing pneumocytoma.[1][2]

It was previously known as sclerosing hemangioma.[2]


  • Derived from type 2 pneumocyte.[3]
  • Progesterone-receptor positive stromal cells.[4]
  • Rare - 0.2% to 1% of lung tumours.[5]
    • One large series had 100 cases.[6]


  • Surgical excision preferred, may be followed.[5]


  • Female in 40s.[7]
  • Considered benign; excision is curative.


  • Peripheral, solitary.
  • Well-circumscribed.
  • Classically hemorrhagic.



  • Mixed cell population.
  • Variable architecture:
    • Papillary.
    • Sclerotic.
    • Solid.
    • Hemorrhagic.
  • +/-Granulomas.





Negative stains:[11]

  • SMA -ve.
  • CEA -ve.
  • CD34 -ve.
  • S100 -ve.
  • Chromogranin A -ve.


  • TTF-1 +ve.
  • HNF-3 alpha +ve.
  • HNF-3 beta +ve.


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Lung, Left Lower Lobe, Core Biopsy:
     - Sclerosing pneumocytoma (sclerosing hemangioma).

The lesion stains as follows:
POSITIVE: Ki-67 (membranous pattern), TTF-1, PR.
NEGATIVE: CD56, p53, CD34.


The sections show lung with thickened alveolar walls containing bland appearing cells with round/oval nuclei without conspicuous nucleoli. Necrosis is absent.

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