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Diagnosis in short

Neurofibroma. H&E stain.

LM spindle cells with wavy nuclei without pleomorphism, +/-arranged in fascicles and intermixed with (wire-like) collagen ("shredded carrots"), moderately increased cellularity, poorly or well-circumscribed, +/-plexiform growth pattern ("bag of worms"), +/-mast cells (useful)
Subtypes plexiform neurofibroma
LM DDx schwannoma, dermatofibrosarcoma protuberans, ganglioneuroma, neurotized melanocytic nevus, MPNST
Stains S-100 +ve, CD34 +ve, EMA +ve/-ve, NF +ve/-ve
Gross "bag of worms" appearance (plexiform neurofibroma)
Site soft tissue - peripheral nerve sheath tumours

Syndromes neurofibromatosis type 1

Symptoms painful skin lesion
Prevalence not common
Prognosis benign

Neurofibroma is an uncommon skin lesion in the peripheral nerve sheath tumour grouping. This article also includes plexiform neurofibroma.



  1. Localized - sporadic.
  2. Diffuse - usually poorly defined, young adults and children; sporadic.
  3. Plexiform - associated with NF1.


Gross features (plexiform NF):[2]

  • "Bag of worms" appearance.


  • Fusiform mass.



  • Spindle cells with wavy nuclei without pleomorphism - key feature.
  • Intermixed with wire-like collagen.
    • Often no pattern is apparent.
    • Often described as "shredded carrots".[3]
  • Moderate increase of cellularity vis-a-vis normal dermis.
  • May be poorly or well-circumscribed.
  • +/-Plexiform growth pattern - "bag of worms".[1]
    • Multiple well-circumscribed nests.
  • Mast cells[4] - one has to look for them at high power.
    • Very useful for confirming the low power suspicion.






  • S100 +ve -- wavy pattern.[9]
  • CD34 +ve.
  • Glut1 +ve.
  • EMA +ve/-ve.
  • NF +ve/-ve.[9]
  • MART-1 -ve.[9]
    • Positive in neurotized melanocytic nevi.

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The sections show skin with a lesion composed of irregular-shaped groups of bland dermal spindle cells with wavy nuclei and pale-eosinophilic cytoplasm. Mast cells are seen scattered throughout the lesion. Thick collagen separates the clusters of the spindle cells. There is no nuclear atypia. Mitotic activity is not appreciated. No melanocytic nests are identified.

The overlying epidermis matures to the surface.


The sections show skin with an unencapsulated dermal spindle cell lesion with wavy nuclei that have a likeness to shredded carrots. Occasional mast cells are present within the lesion. There is no nuclear atypia. Mitotic activity is not appreciated. No melanocytic nests are identified.

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