Pilar sheath acanthoma

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Pilar sheath acanthoma
Diagnosis in short

Possibly a pilar sheath acanthoma. H&E stain.

LM cystic cavity with branching - contains keratineous material, usually extends from surface to deep cutis, cyst lining consists of a thickened squamous epithelium
LM DDx trichofolliculoma, dilated pore of Winer, epidermal inclusion cyst
Gross raised lesion, central cavitation
Site skin - classically upper lip

Clinical history typically middle aged - 50s
Prevalence rare
Prognosis benign

Pilar sheath acanthoma is a rare benign skin lesion.


  • Rare.[1]
  • Considered a hamartoma.[1]
  • Does not regress like keratoacanthoma.
  • Typically middle aged individuals - median age in one series 55 years old, range 46-75 years old.[2]


  • Raised lesion with a central depression - somewhat similar to keratoacanthoma.
  • Classcially upper lip.[2]




  • Cystic cavity with branching:[3]
    • Contains keratineous material.
    • Usually extends from surface to deep cutis - like a hair shaft.
    • Cyst lining consists of a thickened squamous epithelium (acanthosis).
  • +/-Mitoses.




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