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Perineurioma is an uncommon benign peripheral nerve sheath tumour.


  • Benign tumour derived from perineurial cells (intraneural or soft tissue).
    • ICD-O 9571/0
    • WHO grade I
  • Rarely malignant soft tissue perineurioma.


  • Reticular perineurioma.[1]


  • Intraneural perineurioma: segmental tubular enlargement of the nerve.
  • Soft tissue perineurioma: Well circumscribed, but not encapsulated.
  • Sclerosing perineurioma: Predilection for hands.[2]



  • Perineural epithelioid cells.
    • Abundant pale, fluffy appearing cytoplasm.


  • May be intraneural.[3]
    • Typical pseudo-onion bulbs.
    • Long considered hypertrophic neuropathy.
    • Rare (less than 1% of all nerve sheath tumours).





  • S100 -ve.
  • EMA +ve.
  • CD34 ~65% +ve.[4]


  • Frequent TRAF7 mut.[6]

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