Hyperplastic polyp with perineuromatous stroma

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Hyperplastic polyp with perineuromatous stroma
Diagnosis in short

Hyperplastic polyp with perineuromatous stroma. H&E stain.

Synonyms benign serrated colorectal fibroblastic polyps/intramucosal perineurioma, hybrid hyperplastic polyp/mucosal perineurioma

LM serrated epithelial cells (at the surface), perineuromatous stroma
LM DDx colonic ganglioneuroma, hyperplastic polyp
Site colon and rectum

Prevalence rare
Endoscopy polyp
Prognosis benign
Clin. DDx other types of colorectal polyps

Hyperplastic polyp with perineuromatous stroma, also known as benign serrated colorectal fibroblastic polyps/intramucosal perineurioma and hybrid hyperplastic polyp/mucosal perineurioma, is a benign colorectal polyp.

It may be referred to as perineurioma and fibroblastic polyp.[1]


  • Rare.
  • Benign.[2]



  • Serrated epithelial cells (at the surface of the gland) - key feature.
    • Serrated appearance = saw-tooth appearance, epithelium has jagged edge.
  • Perineuromatous stroma.





  • Vimentin +ve.
  • SMA -ve.
  • Desmin -ve.
  • CD117 -ve.
  • S-100 -ve
  • EMA -ve.

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Polyp, Colon at 35 cm, Polypectomy or Biopsy:
     - Hyperplastic polyp with perineuromatous stroma.


The sections show a polypoid fragment of colonic-type serrated epithelium with small round glands at the deep aspect. Fibroblastic/perineuromatous type stroma is present and NSE NEGATIVE, S100 NEGATIVE and desmin NEGATIVE. The tissue is NEGATIVE for atypia and NEGATIVE for apparent proliferative activity.

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