Non-specific interstitial pneumonia

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Non-specific interstitial pneumonia
Diagnosis in short

NSIP. H&E stain.

LM diffuse fibrosis (uniform fibrosis (unlike UIP), +/-linear fibrosis (fibrosis that follows alveolar walls + no architectural distortion), +/-lymphoid nodules (assoc. with collagen vascular disease), +/-focal organizing pneumonia
Subtypes idiopathic NSIP, NSIP due to an underlying cause
LM DDx organizing pneumonia, collagen vascular disease, drug reaction, hypersensitivity pneumonitis, lymphocytic interstitial pneumonia
Site lung - see diffuse lung diseases

Signs cough
Symptoms dyspnea
Prevalence uncommon
Radiology lower lung zone fibrosis, patchy ground glass, no honeycombing
Prognosis good
Treatment corticosteroids (?)

Non-specific interstitial pneumonia, abbreviated NSIP, is an uncommon type of diffuse lung disease.


  • Better prognosis than UIP.
  • May respond to corticosteroids.[1]
  • Some radiologists and pathologists don't believe in this entity.[citation needed]



  • If no underlying cause is present it is known as idiopathic NSIP.

Clinical features (typical) of the idiopathic form:[4]

  • Middle-aged, never-smoker women.
  • Dyspnea.
  • Cough.
  • Ground glass on HRCT.
  • Very good prognosis.


  • No honeycombing.
  • Fibrosis usually lower lung zone.
  • Patchy ground glass.



  • Diffuse fibrosis:
    • Uniform fibrosis (unlike UIP).
    • "Linear fibrosis" has a good prognosis - should be mentioned in the report.
      • Linear fibrosis = fibrosis that follows alveolar walls + no architectural distortion.
  • +/-Lymphoid nodules - association with collagen vascular disease. (???)
  • +/-Focal organizing pneumonia.


  • Inflammation in NSIP usually more prominent than in UIP.
  • No honeycombing - key difference between UIP and NSIP.



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