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Approximately two years ago Libre Pathology was officially launched, coinciding with a pair of talks at the CAP-ACP meeting.

Looking back

Looking back at this past year, the site has grown considerably (see Table 1). We are delighted to say that visitors come from around the world, and that a subset of those visit regularly.

Last year, we analysed the traffic to the site and found that benign gynecologic pathology and dermatopathology are the pages with the most views. We also noted that significant traffic is on tablets/smart phones.

Table 1: Visits to Libre Pathology '15/'16.
Time Average visits
per month
Jul - Sep '15 22500
Oct - Dec '15 26400
Jan - Mar '16 30800
Apr - Jun '16 31100

Recently, the number of unique visitors per month was a bit less than 20k.

In April and May, we did a survey for the first time.

Looking ahead

The preliminary findings of the survey will be presented at the European Society of Pathology/International Academy of Pathology meeting in September.

Beyond that, we still see great potential in many areas, and are looking for ways to expand the community and reach of the project.

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