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A little over a year ago, Libre Pathology officially launched. We are delighted that the site has grown rapidly.

In the first year the site saw approximately 173,000 visits, and in the past few months, we've seen >10,000 unique visitors per month. Also, we're delighted that the site has a global audience with views from all corners of the globe.

Looking back at the year, in September, we introduced our first bot (MedBot). He changes the Main Page bi-weekly. In February, The Pathologist did a short piece on the website. In March, some work on Libre Pathology was presented at the USCAP meeting. Most recently, we added image annotations.

Looking forward, we hope to grow the content further and make it better still. We are always open for suggestions and comments, and looking at making reader feedback easier.

This year we hope to bring even more free pathology information to all corners of the globe, and invite all to help out with this task!

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