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On February 4th, we had some challenges with the images on Libre Pathology that come via the InstantCommons feature of Mediawiki.

The problem was fixed speedily by the team at the WikiMedia Foundation.[1]


Mediawiki is the software that runs this modest site and Wikipedia. It comes to us from WikiMedia (formally the WikiMedia Foundation - abbreviated WMF) the organization that runs Wikipedia and the WikiMedia Commons (also WikiCommons and WC).

The WikiCommons is the multimedia repository for all the different Wikipedias and Wiki projects of the WMF.

As the mission of the WMF is to disseminate knowledge, they allow non-WMF project (like this one) to download images to their server via the InstantCommons (much the way the Wikipedias pull their multimedia files from the WikiCommons).

We use the WC as the images are free (libre) and often reasonable quality. One of us (being active on the WC and Wikipedia) uploaded a good number of them.

We believe that:

  1. The images should be shared widely and see the WC as a vehicle for doing this.
  2. Contributing images to the WC demonstrates our commit to open and ensures they have longevity.

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