Hyperplastic polyp of the stomach

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Hyperplastic polyp of the stomach
Diagnosis in short

Hyperplastic polyp of the stomach. H&E stain.

LM abundant foveolar cells and elongated glands, +/-gland dilation
LM DDx fundic gland polyp, juvenile polyp, Peutz-Jeghers polyp, Ménétrier's disease
Gross polypoid mass
Site stomach

Prevalence common
Prognosis benign - good
Clin. DDx fundic gland polyp, other gastric polyps

Hyperplastic polyp of the stomach, also gastric hyperplastic polyp, is a common pathology of the stomach. Hyperplastic polyps more generally are dealt with in the hyperplastic polyp article.


  • Benign.
  • Most common gastric polyp.[1]


  • Polypoid mass.



  • Abundant foveolar cells and elongated glands - key feature.
  • +/-Gland dilation.


  • No atypical nuclei.
  • No hyperchromasia.
  • No loss of pseudostratification.


  • No serrations - as in the colon.




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The sections show antral-type gastric mucosa with hyperplastic gastric pits. No gland dilation is apparent. The epithelium matures to the surface. The lamina propria is not expanded.

Focal neutrophilic inflammation is present. No Helicobacter-like organisms are identified. No intestinal metaplasia is present. No mitotic activity or nuclear atypia is apparent.

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