Human papillomavirus

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Micrograph showing block positive p16 immunostaining in high-grade squamous intraepithelial lesion of the cervix. p16 is commonly used as a surrogate marker for human papillomavirus (HPV). (WC)

Human papillomavirus, abbreviated HPV, is virus implicated in a large number of cancers.


  • Sexually transmitted.


  • Some tests can be done on formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded tissue.[1]

Associated pathology

Oncocytic types

Known as "high risk" types; this grouping includes:[5]

  • HPV 18 - predominantly adenocarcinoma.[6]
    • Eighteen = adenocarcinoma.
  • HPV 16 - predominantly squamous cell carcinoma.[6]
    • Sixteen = squamous.
  • HPV 31.
  • HPV 33.
  • HPV 45.


Quick & dirty explanation of pathogenesis:[7][8]

  • Virus integrates into host genome.
    • This is accompanied by loss of viral gene E2 (which suppresses function of E6 & E7).
  • Viral gene E6 dysregulates p53.
  • Viral gene E7 dysregulates RB.


Recombinant vaccine (Gardasil, Silgard) - covers:[9]

  • HPV 6.
  • HPV 11.
  • HPV 16.
  • HPV 18.



  • Koilocytes:
    • Perinuclear clearing.
    • Nuclear changes.
      • Size similar (or larger) to those in the basal layer of the epithelium.
      • Nuclear enlargement should be evident on low power, i.e. 25x.
      • Central location - nucleus should be smack in the middle of the cell.



  • p16 +ve -- stains most cells infected by HPV.


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