Gynecomastoid hyperplasia

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Gynecomastoid hyperplasia
Diagnosis in short

Gynecomastoid hyperplasia. H&E stain.

Synonyms gynecomastia

LM moderate hyperplasia - glands have more than 2 cell layers, "budding" (cells jut into the lumen, buds may be multicellular -- but narrower toward the centre of the lumen), stromal palor
LM DDx Micropapillary DCIS
Site breast

Associated Dx Liver failure, Klinefelter syndrome, testicular estrogen-producing germ cell tumour
Signs excessive breast tissue
Prognosis benign
Treatment surgery

Gynecomastoid hyperplasia, also gynecomastia, is a benign pathology of the breast classically seen in young men.


  • Benign enlargement of breasts in males.
    • Histologic changes may be seen in females.[1]

May be seen in the context of:


  • Excessive breast tissue in males.




  • Moderate hyperplasia.
    • Glands have more than 2 cell layers.
  • "Budding" - individual cells jut into the lumen - key feature.
    • Buds may be multicellular; however, narrower toward the centre of the lumen.
  • Stromal palor.[2]




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A. Breast Tissue (60 g), Right, Excision:
- Benign breast tissue.

B. Breast Tissue (70 g), Left, Excision:
- Benign breast tissue.

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