Glycogenic acanthosis of the esophagus

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Glycogenic acanthosis of the esophagus
Diagnosis in short

Glycogenic acanthosis of the esophagus. H&E stain.

LM squamous epithelium with (1) superficial clearing of the cytoplasm, and (2) thickening
Stains PAS +ve, PASD -ve
Site esophagus

Associated Dx possibly associated with gastroesophageal reflux disease
Syndromes possibly Cowden's disease when diffuse

Clinical history ingestion of hot liquids (???)
Prevalence uncommon
Endoscopy raised grey/white lesions
Prognosis benign

Glycogenic acanthosis of the esophagus, abbreviated GAE, is an uncommon benign change of the esophagus with a distinctive endoscopic appearance.


  • Uncommon - seen 3.5% of consecutive 2328 upper endoscopies.[1]
  • Benign.[2]
  • May be associated with GERD;[1][3] however, lesions do not resolve with PPI treatment.[2]
  • Possible association with ingestion of hot liquids.[4]
  • Described in the context of Cowden's disease when seen diffusely.[5]


  • Distinctive endoscopic appearance - grey/white raised lesion.[4]




  • Squamous epithelium with:
    • Superficial clearing of the cytoplasm.
    • Thickening.
  • No significant nuclear atypia.





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