Giant cell tumour of bone

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Giant cell tumour of bone
Diagnosis in short

Giant cell tumour of bone. H&E stain.

LM giant cells (usu. with >10 in the plane of section), mononuclear cells and small multinucleated cells with nuclei similar to those in the giant cells
LM DDx other giant cell lesions
IHC p63 +ve (patchy)
Site bone, epiphysis usually

Clinical history usu. young adults (20-45 years old)
Signs +/-immobility
Symptoms +/-pain
Prevalence uncommon ~ 5% of primary bone tumours

Giant cell tumour of bone is an uncommon bone tumour.



  • Approximately 5% of primary bone tumours.
  • Typical age: 20-45 years.


  • Location: growth plate of long bones.[2]
    • May present with joint pain, immobility.




  • Giant cells with a large number of nuclei (usu. >10 in the plane of section).
  • Mononuclear cells and small multinucleated cells with nuclei similar to those in the giant cells - key feature.
  • +/-Hemosiderin deposition - not common.[4][5]


  • Giant cells typically present in abundance.




  • p63 +ve in scattered mononuclear cells.[6]
    • This seems to be contradicted by another paper.[7]

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