Mammary myofibroblastoma

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Mammary myofibroblastoma
Diagnosis in short

Mammary myofibroblastoma. H&E stain.

Synonyms myofibroblastoma of the breast, breast myofibroblastoma

LM well-circumscribed lesion, wpindle cells without nuclear atypia arranged in fascicles, interspersed thick bundles of collagen.
LM DDx metaplastic breast carcinoma, fibromatosis, leiomyoma of the breast, nodular fasciitis, phyllodes tumour, spindle cell lipoma
IHC CD34 +ve, SMA +ve, desmin, +ve, vimentin +ve, S-100 -ve, beta-catenin -ve
Site breast

Clinical history postmenopausal female or older male
Prevalence rare
Prognosis benign
Treatment excision

Mammary myofibroblastoma, also myofibroblastoma of the breast, is a rare benign pathology of the breast.


  • Rare.
  • Excision = cure.
  • Postmenopausal females and older males.[1][2]


  • In extra-mammary sites the tumour is known as a mammary-type myofibroblastoma may immunohistochemically and histomorphologically overlap with spindle cell lipoma.[3]



  • Well-circumscribed lesion.
  • Spindle cells without nuclear atypia arranged in fascicles.
  • Interspersed thick bundles of collagen.


  • No calcifications.
  • No necrosis.
  • No hemorrhage.






  • CD34 +ve.[3]
  • Desmin +ve.[3]
  • Actin +ve.
  • Vimentin +ve.
  • SMA +ve.[6]


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