Breast imaging reporting and data system

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Mammograms - left: non-cancerous; right: cancerous. (WC/NIH)

Breast imaging reporting and data system, commonly known by the abbreviation BI-RADS, a standardized system for reporting breast radiology.

The abbreviation BI-RADS may also be written BIRADS.[1]

Score and management

It is characterized by:[2]

Score Meaning Typical management
BIRADS0 incomplete come back for more imaging
BIRADS1 negative
BIRADS2 benign finding(s)
BIRADS3 probably benign often short follow-up
BIRADS4 suspicious abnormality needs biopsy
BIRADS5 highly suggestive of malignancy biopsy to confirm impression
BIRADS6 pathologist says there is a malignancy excision

Subdivision of BIRADS4

BIRADS4 is can be subdivided into:[3]

Score Meaning Risk - based on Sanders et al.[4] PPV - based on Elverici et al.[5]
BIRADS4A suspicious abnormality - low risk 10% DCIS 19.5% (malignant)
BIRADS4B suspicious abnormality - intermediate risk 21% DCIS 41.5% (malignant)
BIRADS4C suspicious abnormality - high risk 70% DCIS 74.3% (malignant)

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