Bladder cancer staging

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Schematic showing the T stages in bladder cancer. (WC/CRUK)

The article deals with bladder cancer staging. A general discussion about staging is found in cancer staging.


TNM staging system


T stage Criteria
Ta non-invasive papillary carcinoma
Tis carcinoma in situ
T1 lamina propria invasion
T2 muscularis propria invasion
T3a microscopic extravesicular invasion
T3b macroscopic extravesicular invasion
T4a extension into the uterus, vagina or prostate
T4b extension into the abdominal wall or pelvic wall



N stage Criteria
N1 one regional lymph node metastasis
N2 more than one regional lymph node metastasis
N3 metastasis to the common iliac lymph nodes

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