Lung carcinoma with ALK rearrangement

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Micrograph showing ALK positive lung adenocarcinoma. H&E stain.

Lung carcinoma with ALK rearrangement is subset of lung adenocarcinoma.


ALK (anaplastic lymphoma (receptor tyrosine) kinase):

  • Approximately 1-5% non-small cell lung carcinoma.[1]
    • Typically seen in nonsmokers and younger age patients.
    • Can be treated with crizotinib.[2]
      • Resistance to ALK inhibitors may occur due mutations in kinase domain.
      • Ceritinib is indicated for tumor with acquired resistance to crizotinib.[3]
  • Testing in FFPE tissue requires ~100 cells.[4]



  • Adenocarcinoma - at least focally.
  • Solid signet-ring cell pattern - common.
  • Mucinous cribriform pattern - common.








  • EML4-ALK fusion -- inv(2)(p21p23).[7]
    • C-terminus of ALK protein fuses with N-terminus portion of partner protein.
      • ALK fusion leads to ligand-independent constitutive activation of important pathways in oncogenesis and tumor progression.


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