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Software in use at pathology departments

Information systems


Content management

Biobanking management

  • Centraxx.

Image analysis

  • Cytomine - under an Apache license.[1][2]

Pathology wikis

  • Wiki use for the dissemination of pathology knowledge is increasing.
  • In the general sphere, Wikipedia is dominating and will probably continue to do so.[3]

Open source

Open source in pathology appears to be some way off. One opinion paper[4] addresses this issue.

The radiologists are more on the ball here, e.g. UCLA's OpenSourcePACS.[5]

A few institutions (mostly American) are coming to understand this and have formed the Open Digital Pathology Consortium ( There is also an open slide project (

QPath is a open source software platform for whole slide image analysis.[6]

Cytomine is a web-based open source image processing and analysis software.

ASAP is an open-source whole-slide image viewer.

Ilastik - interactive learning and segmentation toolkit is an open source tool to perform segmentation and classification of images. Currently it does not support full virtual slides.[7]

Health informatics directory

  • The University of Freiburg put together a list in 2010.[8]

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