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CoPath is a pathology information system Cerner sells.

It was developed in part at the U of Pittsburgh.[1] It is often touted as a good solution.

The editing is often done in MS-Word. This may be awkward and cumbersome. Complicated searches can be run without too much difficulty; however, searches seem to lock the database and make the system otherwise unusable.

Useage tips

Finding reports

Free text search:

  • Reports.
    • Case Diagnostic Reports.
      • Natural Lang II Search No race.
        • Accession Date.
          • Change date.
        • Sign-Out Date.
          • Change date.
        • Text Search.
          • Type in what you want in the Include if Contains" box.
          • Select (ALL) in the In Text Type".

Ordering special stains

  • Enter surgical number or autopsy number.
  • Click on Stain process and block edit.

Ordering EBER with controls

  • Click on button "Run Stain/Process Group Protocol".

Ordering FISH

Ordering FISH:

  • Click on button "Run Stain/Process Group Protocol".
    • Type "fish"
      • Select correct one:
        • "FISH c-MYC - isolated nuclei c-MYC".
          • This is done to look for the translocation involving 8q24.
            • The c-MYC test is usually a break apart probe and shows rearrangement.

Ordering molecular diagnostics

Ording molecular diagnostics:

  • Click on button "Run Stain/Process Group Protocol".
    • Type "pop"
      • Fill in two spaces on the right:
        1. 2 x 20u to molecular diagnostics
        2. PCR for __________________

Things to fill in

  • 3x20 u to molecular diagnostics.
  • PCR on B&T cells.


  • Select Procedure Addendum/Entry/Edit.
    • Do not use Amendment Entry or Amendment Edit.


  • Addendum and Amendment are considered to be completely different - amendments are changes, addendums are additional results.

Date error at startup

Cannot startup!! The Shortdateformat setup in the Windows Regional Settings Control Panel is not valid. You must use one...

Start Menu > Control Panel > Date, Time, Language, and Regional Options > Change the format of numbers, dates, and times
CHANGE TO: "English (United States)"

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