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Voicebrook, abbreviated VB, is speech recognition software used in pathology.



Double click VoiceOver icon.


  • Uses Microphone USB.

Toolbar navigation:

  • Speechbox - blue.
  • Template center - green.

Entering the case

  • Say Start scanning.
    • A pop-up box appears.
  • Say Dictate microscopy to enter the microscopy section.

Return to Meditech -- finish dictation of section. Save section.

Insert <#> part final.

Editing within a case

Navigation of items

Items are enclosed in [ and ].

Code Meaning
:: deletable/skip-able field/paragraph
^ pickable field
@ required field
: deletable field


  • Fields can be skipped with: right foot pedal.

Add another item in a diagnosis

Insert item.

  • New line and dash and insert space.

Make all caps

  • TOOLS.
    • Dragon Formatting.
      • General.
        • Caps Lock key overrides capitalization commands.


  • Voicebrook turns off the caps lock and then makes everything lower case; this is a quirk.


  • Yellow - shared.
  • White - user specific.

Template file:

  • C:\ProgramData\Nuance\NaturallySpeaking10\Users\USERNAMEHERE_PATH\voiceover.

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