Adenomatoid tumour

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Adenomatoid tumour is a rare benign tumour derived from the mesothelium.

Adenomatoid tumour
Diagnosis in short

Adenomatoid tumour. H&E stain.

LM small tubulocystic spaces lined by unremarkable mesothelium; the pseudotubular spaces are crossed by "thread-like bridging strands, usu. well-circumscribed
LM DDx lymphangioma, leiomyoma, vascular tumours
IHC calretinin +ve, CK7 +ve, AE1/AE3 +ve, WT1 +ve, CD31 -ve, desmin -ve
Site uterus, adnexa (fallopian tube/ovaries), others

Prevalence uncommon
Prognosis benign
Clin. DDx leiomyoma, other adenxal masses

It should not be confused with the bone tumour adamantinoma.


  • Grossly mimics leiomyoma.[1]
  • Benign tumour - derived from mesothelium.
  • May be seen paratesticular.[2]



  • Well-circumscribed lesion; however, not encapsulated.
  • Small tubulocystic spaces lined by cytologically normal mesothelium.
    • These pseudotubular spaces are crossed by "thread-like bridging strands" - key feature.[4][5]





  • Calretinin +ve.
  • AE1/AE3 +ve.
  • CK7 +ve.[7]


  • CK20 -ve.
  • EMA -ve.
  • HMB-45 -ve.
  • Vimentin -ve.
  • Desmin -ve.
  • CD31 -ve.
  • CD34 -ve.
  • WT1 +ve.[8]

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