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The eyelid is occasionally sent to pathology. Information about the eye is found in the eye article.


Malignant tumours of the eyelid

Malignant eyelid tumour in order of frequency:[2]

Specific entities


  • Xanthelasma palpebrarum redirects here.


  • ~8% of eyelid tumours in one series.[1]
  • Type of xanthoma.[3]
    • It is said that a xanthoma can be anywhere. If it is on the eyelid it is a xanthelasma; a xanthelasma is a xanthoma of the eyelid.[4]
  • Associated with increased serum lipid levels.[5]
    • Incidence of elevated cholesterol is higher in younger patients.[6]


  • Exophytic lesion (on eyelid or around it) - classically yellow.




  • Collection of foamy histiocytes within the dermis.


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Eyelid, Lesion Right Upper Lid, Excision:
- Benign skin tag with rare foamy histiocytes in keeping with an early xanthelasma.
- NEGATIVE for malignancy.

Xanthelasma may be associated with metabolic abnormalities. A lipid profile is suggested if not done recently.  


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