Uterine tumour resembling an ovarian sex cord stromal tumour

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Uterine tumour resembling an ovarian sex cord stromal tumour, abbreviated UTROSCT, is a very rare uterine tumour.


  • Super rare.[1]
  • Typically postmenopausal - mean age ~ 52 years.[1]
  • Usually presentation is abnormal uterine bleeding.[1]
  • Prognosis good if tumour predominantly sex cord-like, i.e. Type 2.[1]



  • Look like sex cord tumour:[2]
    • May have: anastomosing cords, trabeculae, small nests and/or tubules.


  • May be subdivided into:[3]
    • Type 1 <50% sex cord-component (may be referred to as endometrial stromal tumour with sex cord-like elements[1]).
    • Type 2 >50% sex cord-component.





  • Calretinin +ve (sex cord-like component).
  • CD10 +ve (stroma).
  • PR +ve.
  • Inhibin +ve/-ve.

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